Make A Wooden Dog Bowl Stand – Easy DIY Crafts That Sell

These wooden dog bowl stands are very popular with dog owners! When I have time to make a batch, they sell really well, especially if you customize them with the dog’s name and pay prints or dog illustrations on them. These diy wooden dog bowl stands also make great gifts.

It seems people prefer the rustic dog bowl stands over the nicely painted ones. Either way, it’s good to ask the owner what they prefer. I’ve never painted one because everyone seems to prefer the rustic look. For the rustic look on these wooden dog bowl stands, I use Minwax walnut stain. Once I have the color I want, I then seal it with 2 coats of Minwax Helmsman Spray Varnish.

I don’t use plans to make these wooden dog bowls. The size in this video is 4″ tall by 8″ wide by 16″ long and they’re great for smaller dogs. The height should come to about the middle of a dogs chest.

As for the dog bowls, I get the small stainless steel ones from Walmart or Dollar Tree. Obviously, if you have a larger dog, you’re going to get larger bowls and make the wooden dog bowl stand larger to accommodate them.

Give one of these raised dog bowl stands a try. They’re quick to make and fun! Not to mention, being a profitable diy craft that you can sell!

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