James Dillehay with Ideas for (Inexpensive) Crafts to Make and Sell (Video 1 of 20)

James Dillehay on where to find ideas for crafts to make and sell. Video 1 of 20 of the Craft Business video course – starting a home business selling crafts. Work at home, sell crafts you make on Etsy, Amazon at craft fairs and more.

Next in this series: Video 2: Find handmade products that stand out from competitors. https://youtu.be/DUc9Kvogiu4

The series starts with Video 1: Where to find ideas for crafts to make and sell. https://youtu.be/ldI6ZLyPUGc In the description area of each video in the series, you will find a link to the next video.

You can also view the series via James Dillehay’s playlist: https://nh8b8.app.goo.gl/j6mu

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