5 RECYCLED bags to sell || Recycled Crafts || Ecobrisa DIY

Crafts: Today 5 Bags or wallets recycled to sell. Ideas and crafts to sell Videos with explanation in Spanish, measures, materials and patterns ↓↓ below ↓↓
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Ideas with CD cases: https://youtu.be/00ENz3tlV8c
Videos with explanation in Spanish:
– Cardboard bag: https://youtu.be/SAk1igvUQ-A
– Bag of bags: http://bit.ly/2TASgVs
– Bag with Jeans: https://youtu.be/LqXvSaF-bjI
– Book cover bag: https://youtu.be/02ZWrmJ6J-w
– Easy bag with jeans: https://youtu.be/h9yOdeyfTO8
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