Halloween Costumes Competition! How to Make Best DIY Halloween Costumes!

DIY Halloween Costumes Competition! Learn how to make best DIY Halloween Costumes and watch the funny Halloween Challenge with Sara, Katie and the Teacher! Halloween crafts and Halloween makeup tutorial featured in this Halloween video are simple and easy to make, perfect for girls, boys, teenagers and the entire family. Get creative this Halloween and learn how to make DIY Halloween decorations, last minute DIY Halloween costumes and even Halloween makeup. If you don’t celebrate Halloween, you can use these DIY ideas for DIY carnival costumes! Dressing up into fun characters is always so amusing!

In this fun Halloween video you’re going to learn how to make a DIY strawberry costume! All you need is a red T-shirt or a dress, some felt and glue! In the same way you can make other food related costumes like watermelon, pineapple, kiwi and so on.
Transform yourself into a yummy ice cream? Why not! Learn how to make a quick and easy DIY Halloween ice cream costume from scratch! You’ll need a white tee, brown leggings, felt and fabric paint! Years ago I made a DIY cupcake costume and loved it! This DIY ice cream costume is just as cute and delicious looking!
DIY Jelly fish costume! Recycle your umbrella and make the coolest DIY Jelly fish costume ever! All you need is an umbrella, ribbon and felt. This Carnival costume is quick and simple to create but makes such a statement! Definitely one of the best costumes I have ever seen!
Do you want tho be a parrot this Halloween? This is hands down my favorite DIY costume of all times! You need a hoodie, feather boas, orange tights and orange rubber gloves to transform yourself into the most epic parrot in the world. In the same way you can make DIY chicken or other bird costumes by switching up the color of feathers.
DIY Bat costume! Recycle your old black umbrella and make an easy and inexpensive bat costume from scratch. You can definitely find everything you need at home already so this is a perfect DIY last minute Halloween costume on a budget! Save up some coin, recycle and fly baby fly like an bat in the night sky!
DIY Doll makeup tutorial! This last minute Halloween costume includes creating a fun Doll makeup look. Another completely epic and inexpensive costume that you can put together with things you already have at home!
A bonus DIY Halloween costume idea for when you really have no time for crafting is a DIY Sims costume! Simply glue a green balloon on a headband and you’re good to go! Easy, creative and completely inexpensive.

Hope you try these DIY Halloween costumes yourself and most importantly have a safe and happy Halloween!

Help me translate the best Halloween costume competition video: https://www.youtube.com/timedtext_video?v=PV309aBBaVw

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