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16 DIY Crafts for Creative Little Girls

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Minion Bracelets

Minion Bracelet
Make It and Love It

This craft is unbelievably easy and looks so cute as an accessory. If your kids are fans of the Minions, they’ll love this bracelet. The tutorial even includes a video for help with your crafting!

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Mini Flower Pots

Miniature garden pots
Marie Lebaron

For a little creativity in the garden or on your windowsill, try these cute DIY mini flower pots. They’re kid-sized and offer so many opportunities for customization—let your child go crazy with washi tape, markers, glitter, stickers and more!

DIY Mini Flower Pots from The Spruce 03 of 16

Unicorn Party Balloons

Unicorn Part Balloons
Make It and Love It

For a truly magical get-together, try these simple DIY unicorn party balloons. These make for a fun activity at birthday parties, or even for an afternoon craft.

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Painted Umbrellas

painted umbrella
Katherine Lee

Beat the rainy day blues with this cute craft. Use fabric paint and try some art sponges for a stamp technique! Perfect for kids who love to paint!

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Yarn Tassel Keychains

Tassel Key Chain
Make and Takes

This craft is the easiest way to spruce up your backpack or key ring. Choose your favorite color of yarn, maybe add a bead or two for flair, and get crafting!

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Popsicle Stick Snowflakes

Popsicle snowflakes
Where Imagination Grows

For when your kids are tired of playing outside on a snowy day, this is a great craft to make while sitting by the fire with some hot cocoa. Use sequins, glitter, stickers and paint to make these easy popsicle stick snowflakes. Best of all, they make for great homemade Christmas tree decorations!

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Sequin Heart Pencil Topper

DIY Pencil Topper
Make and Takes

This easy pencil topper craft is great for kids who are starting to lose steam and get restless during the school year. Bring some sparkle and excitement to homework time with this cute craft!

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Easy Origami Puppies

Origami puppy
Chrissy Pk

Maybe you have a dog already, or maybe your kids have been begging you for years. Either way, kids will love this simple origami puppy dog craft. With a few easy folds, your kids will be able to make their paper puppy!

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Fairy Wands

DIY Fairy Wands
Where Imagination Grows

Fairies and wizards are a time-honored play tradition of children. If they’re ready to take the next step in their magic games, you can use this easy tutorial to create fun and unique wands.

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Bead Crowns

DIY bead crown
Where Imagination Grows

A beaded crown goes perfectly with a magic wand! One-up your beaded jewelry game with this easy DIY bead crown, made here with pony beads.

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Paper Straw Flowers

paper flowers
Fireflies and Mud Pies

These paper straw flowers are oh-so-cute and can brighten up any space as a mini bouquet. This is a great craft for busy families, requiring minimum prep time and using materials you can find around your house!

Paper Straw Flower from The Spruce 12 of 16

Toilet Paper Roll Butterflies

DIY paper butterfly
Where Imagination Grows

This project is another winner—using only toilet paper rolls, pipe cleaners, paint and a little bit of glue, you can create beautiful butterflies to hang around your house. This is a perfect way to bring some color to a rainy afternoon!

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Powerpuff Girls Stick Puppets

powerpuff girl crafts
Make and Takes

If your kids love the classic animated series Powerpuff Girls, this is the perfect craft for them. With just craft paper and some popsicle sticks, you can create your favorite Powerpuff Girl!

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Tissue Paper Windsocks

DIY Windsock
Where Imagination Grows

Let your kids help out with your outdoor decor with these cute and simple tissue paper windsocks. Tissue paper comes in tons of colors and adorable designs these days; pick your favorites at your local craft store.

Tissue Paper Windsock from The Spruce 15 of 16

Paper Flower Bookmarks

Paper Bookmarks
Katherine Lee

This simple craft is perfect for kids. With just some brightly colored construction paper, washi tape and punched paper flowers, you can create stylish and functional bookmarks!

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Origami Cootie Catchers

Origami Crafts
Chrissy Pk

The cootie catcher or fortune teller origami craft has been around for as long as people have been crafting! No doubt you will remember this one from your childhood. Show your daughter some old-school crafting fun with this easy origami tutorial.

Origami Cooter Catcher from The Spruce